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Nearly 6 million children have been diagnosed with a food allergy and even more are eating a restricted diet because of other medical conditions, or behavioral issues.  My own two children have an intolerance to both milk and soy.

But, I believe that they can not only survive, but THRIVE with their food intolerance!  And I’ll show you how your family can effectively manage food sensitivities and live an abundant life!

While I may share some substitutions and ideas for other allergens, you should know that I am not actively eliminating any other foods.  You can be sure that any recipes I create will be free of both milk and soy.

A Little Bit About Me

I am the mother of two precocious girls ages 10 and 8, both of whom have an intolerance to both milk and soy.  I completed my bachelor’s degree in sport and exercise science in 1998.  I then completed several semesters of graduate work in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition before getting married in 2001.

These days, I keep busy homeschooling, keeping up with my husband’s travel schedule and the girls dance schedules.  And, when possible, I work here at My Kid Has What.

Where to Start

When we started our journey, I was desperate for information and answers were hard to find.  My hope and prayer is that My Kid Has What will help you find the practical answers that will work for your family.

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