New Food Allergy Resolutions for A New Year

New Year: New Food Allergy Resolutions


Welcome to 2016! Time to Tackle a New Year With Some New Food Allergy Resolutions!

It’s the beginning of a whole new year.  For me, it always feels like I get to have a fresh start.  Yes, I will still be running around trying to keep up with the demands of preparing milk and soy free food, managing my husband’s busy travel schedule, taking the girls to and from the dance studio, getting my workouts in, and, yes, I am still unpacking from our move last summer.  But, for some reason, January brings a reset in my mind that is settling, even motivating.  So, I am working on some new food allergy resolutions in 2016!

Every year I like to take some time to look back at both my successes and my failures to close out the year.  For us, 2015 had some big changes!  We finally found our home in Texas.  I launched 2 new eBooks.  The girls finished up their first year at a new dance studio and on a competitive dance team and are now well into their second year.  I still have boxes scattered in different areas of our house and many big projects to tackle from moving…

After looking back, I get to look forward…where do I want to be next year? in 2 years? 5 years? What do we as a family want life to look like both now and in the future?  I have many goals this year, but here are the ones that relate to our food allergy/intolerance journey.

Goal #1: Read more current research on food allergies.

In order to do my part of managing my girls food sensitivities, I need to understand everything that I can about the reason behind them.  This will also help me to better serve you as I learn new things about the development of new treatments and, hopefully, even cures!

Try out 1 new milk and soy free recipe each month.

Life has been busy lately.  I haven’t been making the time to find new dishes to prepare and, frankly, we are getting bored with our food!  It’s time to introduce some new dishes to our rotation.  I’d love to do it more than once a month, and maybe I will, but 12 new recipes in 1 year seems doable to me so that’s where I set my goal.

Find a new doctor for our family.

After moving to a new state last year, we looked for a doctor we thought would be near where we were buying a house so that we could get our prescriptions set up.  Unfortunately, our new house is on the other side of the city and it takes longer than I want to drive when I am sick to get there.  So, we are looking for a new family doctor who understands our various conditions and can manage the majority of our family’s needs.

What are your new food allergy resolutions?

Maybe you need to find a new doctor, or decide which vaccinations are safe for your child.  I’d love to discuss it with you!  Leave a comment below and let me know what you are working toward this year.  Or chat with me on Facebook or Twitter!




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