Halloween Fun! Easy food free ideas to keep the fun in Halloween!

Halloween Fun!

Are you dreading the Halloween season this year?  Are you concerned that your child will feel left out with all the candy and fun because of food allergies or intolerance?  It is entirely possible to have a great tie AND stay safe this Halloween.  Here is a list of things you can do!

Get a cool yard sign!

Decorating the house in Halloween themed signs, skeletons, etc. are a great way to bring the fun right to your front door!  And, who doesn’t love the look of cute smiling pumpkins and friendly ghosts while out Trick or Treating!


Try out a cool inflatable!

Why not enjoy the fun of the latest trend in everything?!  You just really can’t beat the Minions and a 3 ft minion on your front lawn would just be too cute…Hmm, I wonder if you could change the sign and use it for Christmas, too!





Bake some allergen-free cupcakes and use a cool liner.

Okay, so this idea is not exactly food free, but, it should still be safe if you remember to check the labels for your specific food allergens.  And these cupcake liners are just too cute to pass up!


Or, why not try out a Halloween themed Lego?

Legos will keep your kids busy and happy for hours…Just be sure to check for dropped pieces before you walk around barefoot!




And don’t forget the costume fun!

I just love this Olaf costume from the movie Frozen, but sadly, my girls are only interested in Anna and Elsa.  And, we did that last year, so I think we are going to be searching for some other princesses this year.





So, get out there and enjoy Halloween this year!  Don’t be afraid to have some fun with your family, just be sure to follow your safety precautions.

Have a Happy Halloween!



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