Back to School Shopping List for Kids with Food Allergies


It’s back to school shopping time!

I’m sure by now you have checked out your school’s list for the pencils, notebooks and art supplies that your child will need this year.  Have you added any additional supplies that your child will need to safely manage her food allergies while away from you at school?

Here are five things you might want to add to your back to school shopping list if your kids have food allergies:

1. Allermates lunchboxes and epipen cases are cool and stylish and specifically designed to help others identify that your child has an allergy.  This one is really cute in purple and is also available in blue.

2. This neat belt from Waist Pal is designed to carry two epipens discreetly…perfect for your older child who doesn’t want to carry a separate case or boys who don’t want to carry a purse.

3. This book will help you explain to your younger child all the things they need to understand to stay safe while away from home.

4. For your younger students (who wouldn’t be too embarrased by it) a bold T-shirt might be a great wardrobe addition for those first weeks in a new setting.

5. An alert bracelet that your child loves and will wear!  There are all kinds on the market now.  Here is a really cute one for girls.


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